RYL(risk your life) online

Blog that summarizes the game RYLonline

'RYL' is the online game that connects you with thousands of other players to play together in the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). When you are connected to the game RYL, you will experience a fast-moving battle, and you can also build your own special characters. Compared with PC-RPG game single player, the difference is: You do not play 'alone' in front of the PC, but connected with other players around the world with a risk. RYL has many features, ranging from Player vs. Player, Realm vs Realm, Guild vs. Guild; and you can also build your own community. In the meantime, you can have a friend or an enemy relationship with other gangs. In the online world of this fantasy, you can have a new adventure

Risk Your Life means "Dare to use your life as a bet!"


RYL Part2 - Incomplete Union is the game between the 2 nationalities who fought for their territory. But finally, they have the same expectations, namely to build a new world. And all this is in 3D MMORPG

All the players when you log into the game had to choose 1 of 2 nationalities. In certain conditions you have to work together or fight with other players

No system FPS (First Player Shooter) RYL MMORPG as before, and it is a part of you will not find in other games. If you want to play action games super-fast, then try RYL Part2 - Incomplete Union

    Full 3D Graphic    

In RYL Part2, 3D game engines can make the players have visibility as far as 1 kilometer. In order for players to feel more real, you can play the point of view according to your wishes at any time. You will see all the changes and you can disekitarmu interactively react to it.

In other MMORPG, you can not enjoy the FPS mode is provided to you. RYL Part2 have a more sophisticated control while playing.
    Full Action    
RYL Part2 have much effect when a player uses a skill. To make it even more incredible skill, we eliminate the delay time when attacks like any other MMORPG. when you use the keyboard mode, you can attack several enemies at once, and make you feel more satisfied.

   Sistem PVP

In some cases, players can attack each other between first without approval. Under conditions of free PvP, players can kill the enemy nationality character directly. You can directly kill that treats you as an enemy.

Under conditions of free PvP, players can seek help from the Guild or create your own community. Watchtower also provide some protection while fighting sedadang players.

Because the 3D engine of RYL, you will need a 3D Graphics card to play. However, under the Minimum Requirements for this game quite low. Internet connection with at least 56Kbps is required to play, but not recommended because you will experience too much lag or slow game.


OS: Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
CPU: P4 1G atau Athlon 1G
Memory: 256MB
VGA Card: Support DirectX8.1 & GeForce2 atau Radeon 7000
Soundcard: Support DirectX8.1 Soundcard
HD Free Space: 2.0GB
Peralatan: Keyboard + Mouse
Connection: 56K Modem / ADSL / Cable

OS: Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
CPU: P4 2G atau AthlonXP 2500+
Memory: 512MB
VGA Card: Support DirectX8.1 & GeForceFX atau Radeon8500
Soundcard: Support DirecX8.1 Soundcard
HD Free Space: 2.0GB
Peralatan: Keyboard + Mouse w/ Scroll button
Connection: ADSL / Cable